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Frequently asked questions about Solar Charging

How does the unplug Backpack charge phones?

The backpack has a special Solar Fabric stitched onto the front surface. This Solar Fabric can generate electricity from light. The brighter the sunlight, the more the electricity generated by the Solar Fabric. This energy is stored by the backpack in a battery. This energy can be used to charge any small Electronic device, including your Smart-phone. You can check out more at http://iwearlumos.com/how-this-works/

Doesn’t the Solar Panel make the backpack heavy?

Not at all! In fact, conventional Solar Panels are glass-like, rigid and heavy. However, Lumos bags use Solar Fabric, which are like any fabric – light and flexible. Further, the bags have been designed to be compact and light – making them the lightest Solar Backpack in the world!

Do I need to spend time in direct sun-light for the backpack to work?

The Solar Fabric works best when in direct sun-light. However, it also works if there is natural light around, but no direct sunlight. For example, if it is placed near a window throughout the day, the Solar Fabric will work even if direct sunlight does not stream in through the window. The Solar Panel would also work on a cloudy day. However, the amount of back-up you get can vary depending on lighting conditions.

What connector do I need in order to use this backpack?

The Backpack features a USB slot, much like the USB slot in a computer/laptop. The backpack provides 2 options for charging: through your USB charging cable or through the multi-pin connector provided with the backpack. However, be aware that some phones use the new USB (USB 3.0) standard – the backpack cannot charge them. A photograph of the connectors has been placed on the website for your reference.

Can I use the backpack to charge any other device, apart from my phone?

This Bag has been designed to charge all common models of phones, USB based devices and tablets. A simple tip is that if the device can be charged from a laptop/desktop computer using a USB cable, you should be able to charge it using the backpack. To charge any other device, using the backpack, make sure that the voltage rating for the device is between 3.3V (volts) and 5V (volts).

How much back-up can I get?

This depends on a variety of factors – how much light has the backpack been exposed to, what is your phone usage, and the health of your phone battery. On an average, one hour of exposure to sunlight should give you two hours of phone usage. This number may vary depending on the model, usage patterns, ambient temperature. Please be aware that spending time in direct sunlight improves the charging efficiency considerably.

Is the backpack safe?

Several safety features have been built into the back. For one, the use of water-resistant material ensures that water does not get in, provided the backpack zippers have been closed well. Additionally, the electronic circuits switch off if battery temperature rises, thus protecting the user and backpack from over-heating.

Can we carry the backpack as cabin luggage? Do airports allow it?

This backpack is made of only those items that are individually allowed for carriage inside the cabin of airlines. A list of the contents of the bag are enclosed with the information manual.