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Solar Bags in Action

Lumos brings to you Solar Backpacks that charge your phone on the go. Watch how you can use Solar bags to liberate yourself from the plugpoint- forever!

Plug into your bag- OH! Really?? 

The Lumos bags have a unique, lightweight solar fabric stitched onto the upper face of the bag. This converts sunlight into electricity, which is stored in a 4000-mAh battery inside the bag. 

Cool facts:

  1. The battery is replaceable and upgradable
  2. Sports a universal output through the USB port, capable of delivering current from 100mA to 1.5A 
  3. Generate current, even in lower lighting conditions through a process called ‘trickle-charging.

Comfort and Stability

  1. CURVED FLAP DESIGN ensures that rain rolls off the top.
  2. AERODYNAMIC SHAPE for greater stability.
  3. SLANTED BOTTOM ensures that heavier items lie closer to the body.
  4. EXPANDABLE ZIPPER allows you to accommodate more stuff.
  5. REFLECTORS for greater visibility
  6. CROSS-STRAPS for better load distribution

 1 Hour of sunlight= 2 hours of phone battery 

What goes into this solar fabric?

SOLAR PANELS: All the Lumos bags are designed with 5 Volt, 3 Watt Amorphous Silicon solar panels on a fabric substrate. These are incredibly light-weight and flexible and thus handle impact well. Solar panels are designed to handle the rugged outdoors, and hence are weather-proof. If cared for well,they will last up to eight years.



Are these bags Water-Proof & Weather-Proof? 

The bag is water-resistant and ships with a fluorescent green rain cover in case of heavy rain. A pocket on the top of the backpack is lined with fleece materials to protect sunglasses or a cell phone.

Now isn’t that cool??