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Why we made Aster

We have been researching cycling safety for a while, and believe that we’ve come up with a solution that should make cycling safer for commuters world over.

The Aster (our commute backpack)
– Makes other motorists notice the cyclist
– Improves distance and relative speed perception
– Adds predictability through indicators and break lights
– Allows motorists to get an idea of the width of the cyclist (through profile lights).

You can check out the backpack page at http://www.aster.iwearlumos.com/ . The backpack has been designed taking in research on road-safety by leading universities. What is more, the lights (blinking vs. steady; brightness levels) can be controlled by the cyclist through an app!

The Aster launches on Kickstarter in March. To take advantage of the super-early bird offer, do fill in your details on the Aster page above. Think this would be useful to cyclists? Share this with your friends now.